Meet your servers


Dr. Keiko

Keiko Finnegan attended University of Arizona for her B.S. in Physiology.  After graduation her travels led her to Southeast Asia where she fell in love with Eastern lifestyles. It is here she discovered the power in yoga and meditation.

When she moved to Dallas, TX to study Chiropractic at Parker University, she admired the philosophy that chiropractic shared with the East.  Dr. Keiko blends a unique healing tradition with the art of the adjustment.

"Health and happiness is reflected in our ability to adapt and respond to life. Kinfolk is a space for you to reconnect to yourself, experience a foundational form of healing and continue to grow.”


Dr. Sera

Sera Sheppard was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada where she studied at the University of Saskatchewan and received her B.S. in Kinesiology. She then attended Parker University in Dallas, TX for her Doctorate in Chiropractic. 

Sera's art of adjusting the nerve system comes from a synchronization of styles including Neural Impulse, Biogeometric Integration and Torque Release Technique.

She is continuously on the journey of self growth and invests time acquiring knowledge to share with her community.  Her passion is empowering people about the mind-body connection and serving as a reminder of the power that lies within.