Kinfolk Chiropractic is a community empowered by their ability to heal from within.  We encourage you to be curious about your human potential and not focus on what you do not have, but what you have had all along.   The healing art of chiropractic is an approach to serving you in life's changes and transformations.  We bring the community together with chiropractic.  This is a place where you collectively share and express your greatest healing potential.  

Our pure expression sprouts from a deep connection within.


At the moment of conception an electric spark occurs, inspiring a 9 month transformative journey of 2 cells into 40 trillion cells.  This spark of life is the INNATE intelligence within you.  In order to grow, you needed a communication system to build you.  So within 21 days, you created a brain and spinal cord with this intelligence.  From the origin of your nervous system you created every cell, tissue and organ from it.  Your INNATE communicates your expression of life by channeling through the nervous system.  This communication system was built by YOU, to serve what is essential within YOU.  This system contracts and expands all the experiences you encounter in order to express your wholeness.  Without this INNATE intelligence fueling your body, there is no YOU. 

"If you created YOU, you can HEAL you."