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K I N F O L K means family, so naturally, we love gathering to celebrate connection, tradition, and relationships.  Getting together, giving thanks, sharing love, bellies full of famous family recipes. It all seems so “Leave it to Beaver.”   All the preparation, all the travel, all worth it until Auntie says or does that ONE thing. Oh, you know what it is. She pushes the same button every year, and in a fleeting instant, the holidays… ruined.  That’s right. Hello Holidays, hello family, oh and hello in-laws.

It’s the holiday hustle.  Here’s your survival guide.

1. Get Adjusted (c’mon, you saw this one coming)

We get it, you have to be in three places at once, your day planner is stacked with events from the moment you awake until slipping under those covers at midnight.  All the more reason to take 20 minutes out of your day to S L O W down for the much-needed breather. Whatever it is, it isn’t as important as your sanity, your balance, and the much-needed self-care.  That all said, RSVP for a table for one at Kinfolk, uno, solimente, YOU.

2. Scratch the Track

We all have that one person that can push our buttons and get under our skin.  Think back to the last time they sent you in a tizzy, and let’s scratch the track!  Visualize putting Mickey Mouse’s head on this person and hear what they say as if they were Donald Duck. Put their voice in slow motion, shrink their body to half the size, add some vivid colors.  Do this five to ten times to the same memory; enough times so that you can’t replay the original memory without it bringing a smile to your face. This my friends is how you scratch the track to an old memory or prime yourself to have an enjoyable interaction with that someone you once avoided.  You’re the director of your life, so make it a movie you enjoy.

3.  Move your Body

Nature moves us into hibernation as the days grow shorter and we find more reasons to stay in and keep warm.  As tempting as it is to binge watch the latest Netflix Original series, step up and hit pause, because we both know Netflix won’t.  Instead, get up and dance to your favorite song or take your furry four legged animal for a stroll. Not only will this keep your physical body in motion and healthy, it will assist you in handling the emotional highs and lows of the holiday hustle like a champ.

4.  Nourishing Food

The holidays is one of those times for the loss of routine, especially when it comes to food.  Our word of advice: do your best. At Kinfolk, we live by the 80:20 rule. Eighty percent of the time eat healthy, whole foods and the other twenty percent feel free to indulge.  This is not a trend… it’s life and it’s been well tested. When you can, implement the 80:20 rule.

5. Gratitude

Go on, pull an Oprah and carry that journal around making a gratitude list!!  Too often we get caught up in the storm of events around the holidays that we forget to take a moment and express who and what we are grateful for.  We recommend setting a pop-up reminder on your phone to get you to stop and express a little love to family, friends, and most importantly, to yourself.  Or go through your phone and pick one person to send a heartfelt message to. If you want an extra boost of love hormones, handwrite it :)

6.  Sugar Substitutes

It’s going to be everywhere, so pick your sweets wisely.  But don’t forget the 80:20 rule. It’s okay to have a cookie; however, if you need 10 cookies, then this goes deeper than sugar. For baking, here’s our go to alternatives. Instead of that cup of sugar, try apple sauce, a banana, dates, pure maple syrup or honey.  And really, when a recipe calls for sugar, what it actually means is half that.  

7. Journal (this is for the overachievers)

Congratulations, now you’re a screenwriter.  That’s right. Good old pen to paper. Here’s a few magical exercises that take you from anxious/overwhelmed to monk/angel/sage:  

  1. Just start writing, nonstop.  Take the thought tornado and put it on paper.  This turns your subjective problems, challenges, worries, and concerns into something objective on paper.  And when you enter the space between, you find new solutions that weren’t visible when you were living in the tornado.

  2. Your quality of your life is based on your quality of questions.  Become aware of the questions that dominate your thoughts, and then upgrade them.  For example: “I have so much to do, how am I going to make it through my day?” vs. “Who must I become today to accomplish everything with ease and grace?” Train yourself to ask empowering, uplifting and high-quality questions.

8. Essential Oils

Lastly, essential oils. Nerve Calm and Defense are our go to blends for the holiday season. Nerve calm, as the name implies, works wonders for creating a sense of balance and calm in mind and body. And our Defense blend is your unfair advantage; that little extra support for your immune system to carry you through the holidays happy and healthy. We don’t want you to “come down” with anything after the holiday high; rather, enter 2019 as the greatest, healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself. For more immune boosting tips read this blog post.