The Adjustment

July 19, 2018


As a result of getting adjusted and experiencing the three stages of neurological healing: neurostimulation, neuromodulation and neurorelaxation, we create neuroplastic changes. We break patterns, heal old traumas and memories, and begin to integrate, regenerate and reorganize at a cellular level.  This is the essence of true healing and a key piece of our philosophy here at Kinfolk.

At Kinfolk, it is our primary goal and intention to optimize your brain + nerve system so you feel more connected, whole and balanced. 

We achieve this through the chiropractic adjustment,  built on the principles of neuroplasticity and the three stages of healing: neurostimulation, neuromodulation and neurorelaxation.

We use a gentle, tonal chiropractic approach; a form of neurostimulation. In each session, we work with the neurological patterns presenting in your body and use light impulses to restore the integrity of your brain + nerve system.

 When working with your system, we assess posture, how the body moves, tone of muscles, reflexes and eye movements.

But more importantly, we dive deep into the experiences that have shaped your life, as these experiences led to the wiring of your brain and the patterns with which they present.

What’s a pattern?

Every experience you have (past, present and future) sends information into your brain.  Your brain then does two things:

1. Takes the incoming information and creates a neural network, or pathway, to store the experience (thought). 

2. Sends the information to the emotional brain that creates an emotion felt in the body (feeling).

Thus, every experience you have changes the shape of your brain, how your brain is “wired” and how your body physically feels.

We live in a FAST paced world, and our brain is bombarded with incoming information.  Essentially, the brain can’t keep up, and chaos ensues stacking patterns of “noise” on top of one another, like layers of an onion.

A “noisy” brain is an unbalanced brain = a “noisy” body that is out of balance = back pain, headache, weight gain, anxiety, lack of energy, illness, etc.


The adjustment serves as a reset for the brain + nerve system.

As we begin to work with the layers of patterns, pulling back the layers of the onion, the brain and nerve system begin to undergo the second stage of healing: neuromodulation; your brain’s ability to regulate and modulate between excitation and inhibition - between gas and brake.

At this stage in the healing process, your noisy brain begins to quiet, you feel more balanced and you no longer live on the gas pedal. This leads us to the third phase of healing: neurorelaxation.

At Kinfolk, our clients receive 20-minute adjustment sessions.  This is purposeful to facilitate integration of the adjustment, to allow the nerve system to reset and to allow for a change in brain wave frequency.

When you get adjusted at Kinfolk, you go from beta brain wave state to an alpha brain wave state to theta brain wave state: from your thinking state (where you spend most of your day) to a light meditative state, to halfway between wakeful and sleep.

It is in theta brain wave state where we learn and hold all our hardwired memories, attitudes, emotional reactions, habits, conditioned behaviors and perceptions.  Thus, it is here where we begin to rewire and recondition the brain and body to a new level of health, vitality and organization.

The healing process doesn’t stop in our studio. Healing continues during a restful night’s sleep, which is supported by your adjustment - now that your brain is able to modulate and relax. It is  in sleep when you enter delta brain state, where healing and regeneration transpire.

No one can heal, grow and thrive if their body thinks they are being chased by a lion or their boss. 

As we covered earlier, the brain records every experience, adds it to the complexity of who we are as human beings, and has the ability to reshape and reorganize well into adult life. As a result of getting adjusted and experiencing the three stages of healing, you begin to integrate, regenerate and reorganize at a cellular level: neuroplasticity

The adjustment serves as a platform where you experience what it means to truly heal while we break patterns to rewire your brain + nerve system to support the expression of your greatest self.