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it's simple, here's how it works.

So, you have about 100 TRILLION cells. 

And your brain is the boss.  It tells all 100 trillion cells what to do. 

Like a relationship, if communication is 100% between your brain and body, life is good and you feel amazing.

BUT, life happens. It is nothing personal. We all experience stress that decreases our communication.

Maybe it's PHYSICAL stress (trip over the curve, get tackled in a friendly game of football, sit all day hunched over your desk).

Sometimes it's EMOTIONAL/MENTAL stress (disagreement with your boss/spouse, financial responsibilities, losing a loved one).

Or perhaps it's CHEMICAL stress (living in a big smoggy city, preservatives in our food, using medication).

All this stress builds up in your body, creating layers of tension (and now you have a back ache, perhaps a headache, you are tired and fatigued, perhaps constipated, not sleeping or maybe you are just irritable and not your true self).  

All these "symptoms" are just a sign that your body (or some of those 100 trillion cells) feel completely disconnected and unable to do the job they are designed to do.

So the idea is simple.  You health is based on your body's ability to communicate.  We use gentle contacts to help release tension in your system, thereby increasing the communication and allowing you to function and feel the way you're meant to.