What is the adjustment?

Do you struggle with your health?

Back pain. Joint pain. Numbness and tingling. Headaches. Poor sleep. Low energy.

Anxiety. PTSD. ADHD. Depression. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Here’s why

All your pain and discomfort comes from your nerve system’s inability to adapt to physical, mental, emotional and chemical stress.

From sitting at a desk all day, juggling work and life, bouncing back from a break up,

worrying about money, feeling unfulfilled or anxious, not to mention environmental toxins and processed food.

The body can only handle so much before it starts sending distress signals to empty your stress bucket.

How we help

The chiropractic adjustment enhances your ability to adapt to stress.

By helping your brain communicate with your body, you begin to process stress differently.

We want you adapting to life, not storing tension that creates symptoms.

Our gentle adjusting approach helps you integrate life and feel better in your body.

It’s time be more and feel better.

What makes Kinfolk so different?

We’ve taken everything into consideration.

You will feel a refreshingly different chiropractic experience here.

Our approach is gentle as we adjust differently than most chiropractors.

We want your body as relaxed as possible during the entire adjustment.

This is a 20 minute vacation for mind body and spirit.

People look forward to their adjustments.

Your Healing Process

  1. RESET


To begin to integrate, regenerate and reorganize at a cellular level we must reset our neuro-spinal system. The adjustment resets the brain and body.



As you become well adjusted your nerve system learns how to regulate stress by balancing between excitation and inhibition, just as you learn how to use the gas pedal and break in your car.



As your system begins to process stress and respond to life with a balanced nerve system you begin to rewire and recondition to a new level of health and vitality. You begin to feel like a newer, clearer and better you.

Your table is ready for you

Optimal Living Live Event

We host our community workshop once a month to support our clients as they navigate their health journey.

Come learn the secrets for adapting to stress, aging gracefully and living an optimal life.

This event is always open to the public so bring a friend.

What our people are saying…

I highly recommend Kinfolk to everyone. I love the atmosphere and personal professional attention.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. I learned so much from both of you about your practice and about me.
I am now ready to tackle Camelback Mountain.
— Terese G.
When I started seeing Dr. Sera I was experiencing stress, anxiety and stuck in the cycle of life as a victim. The gentle care I received after several months made a dramatic difference in my life. I learned to listen to my body and I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Sera!
— Ashley W.
Dr Keiko is truly an amazing doctor because she knows what the body needs. She has great awareness and involves you in your process of healing. Not a regular chiropractor by any means. She is educated in many modalities.
— Carolyn B.

Adjusting Hours


Dr. Keiko

Monday: 3-6pm

Tuesday: 9am-1pm

Wednesday: 3-6pm

Thursday: 9am-1pm

Friday: 9am-1pm


Dr. Sera

Monday: 11am-2pm

Tuesday: 3-6pm

Wednesday: 11am-2pm

Thursday: 3-6pm

Friday: 9am-1pm