V I T A L I S T I C   C H I R O P R A C T I C

A refreshingly different way to get adjusted.

We guide the body back to balance using gentle chiropractic adjustments.

I was blown away when I first received an adjustment! Hard to describe what was different besides that I felt more at home and like myself. She is a ball of light and love and I would definitely recommend her!
— Allen B.
I highly recommend Kinfolk to everyone. I love the atmosphere and personal professional attention.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. I learned so much from both of you about your practice and about me.
I am now ready to tackle Camelback Mountain.
— Terese G.
Dr Keiko is truly an amazing doctor because she knows what the body needs. She has great awareness and involves you in your process of healing. Not a regular chiropractor by any means. She is educated in many modalities.
— Carolyn B.
When I started seeing Dr. Sera I was experiencing stress, anxiety and stuck in the cycle of life as a victim. The gentle care I received after several months made a dramatic difference in my life. I learned to listen to my body and I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Sera!
— Ashley W.